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1) DMA full form:

The DMA full form is Direct Memory Access. It is a type of feature of a computer hardware system that allows main system (RAM) memory independently of the central processing unit (CPU).

2) DMA: Delicately Mandibled Ant.

Ants display brilliant ecological and evolutionary success due to their sociable life history and partition of labour among colony building blocks. In some lineages, the retainer force came subdivided into morphologically distinct individualities ( i.e. lesser versus largish workers), allowing for the discriminational interpretation of particular functions in the colony. Still, the functional and ecological importance of these morphological disputes isn’t well understood.

Then, we referred to finite element analysis (FEA) to research the biomechanical distinction between major and minor ant worker bills. Analyses were packed out on mandibles of two Pheidole species, a dimorphic ant genus. We tried whether major mandibles were developed to minimize stress when analyses to minors using intermixtures of the apical tooth and masticatory periphery mouthfuls under strike and stress conditions. Majors performed well in stress conditions yet, contrary to our expectations, minors performed well in strike bite scripts.

DMA full form:

Full FormCategory
Direct Memory AccessInformation Technology
DominicaCountry ISO Code
Doctor of Musical ArtsEducational Degree
Distant Monitor AccessNetworking
Domain Manager AgentNetworking
Data Mining AlgorithmSoftwares
DAMODAR JNIndian Railway Station
Dynamic Mechanical AnalysisElectronics
Doesn’t Mean AnythingMessaging
Don’t Mention AgeMessaging
Design for Manufacturability and AssemblySpace Science
Drive Motor AssemblySpace Science
Days Moving AverageMeasurement Unit
Tucson (az)Airport Code
Display Memory AtComputer Assembly Language
Database Machine AdministratorDatabase Management
Day Moving AverageStock Exchange
Direct Market AccessStock Exchange
Daily Morning ActivitySports
Drum Majorettes of AmericaSports
Delaware Military AcademyMilitary and Defence
Defense Media ActivityMilitary and Defence
Defense Mapping AgencyMilitary and Defence