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CRC Full Form:

The CRC full form is Cyclic Redundancy Check. It is generally used for digital networks and storage devices. It is used to detect the error coding which may be due to accidental changes in raw data during transmission, storage, or retrieval.

In CRC, the algorithm runs on the data at the source and calculates some value, say’x’. At the destination, the same algorithm runs on the entered data and the advised value is compared with the value of x. However, the content is accepted, If the advised value at the receiver’s side matches with the entered value x. The distinction in the value of x indicates an” error”.

Occasionally the corrupted block could be remedied using any specific algorithm, or the complete communication needs to bere-sent.

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CRC Abbreviation.

CategoryCRC Full Form
Educational Cyclic Redundancy Check
AthleticsCalandra Racing Concepts
PharmaceuticalCalcium Release Channel
RacingCalder Race Course
PrisonCalifornia Rehabilitation Center
InvestmentsCalifornia Reinvestment Coalition
Companies or OrganizationsCalifornia Resources Corporation
PublishingCamera Ready Copy
Voluntary OrganizationCamp Robinson Crusoe
EducationalCampus Recreation Center
UniversityCanada Research Chairs
RoboticsCanadian Robotics Competition
PharmaceuticalCancer Research Campaign
UncategorizedCandidate Responsibility and Collaboration
CarbonCarbon Reduction Commitment
MedicalCardiometabolic Risk in Chinese
CareerCareer Resource Center
AccountingCash Receipts Clearing
ConsultingCasualty Risk Consulting
MedicalCatabolite Repression Control
EducationalCenter for Research Computing
LocalCentral Reform Congregation
PharmaceuticalCentre Remedial Clinic
PharmaceuticalCerebrovascular Reserve Capacity
PharmaceuticalCertified Rehabilitation
PharmaceuticalCertified Rehabilitation Counselor
RetirementCertified Retirement Counselor
FoodCFSAN Review Committee
Voluntary OrganizationChapters Local Conference
EducationalCharacter Report Card
Local – CountriesChecksum Recovery Correction
ToxicologyChemical Referral Center
ChinaChemical Registration Center
ClothingChemical Resistant Clothing
ChemistryChemical Rubber Company
CouncilChicago Rabbinical Council
Companies or OrganizationsChicago Recording Company
LocalChild Registration Certificate (Pakistan)
Voluntary OrganizationChildren’s Rights Council
SocietyChinese Recreation Club
ChurchChristian Reformed Church
ChurchesChristian Revival Church
NYSE SymbolsChromcraft Revington, Inc.
CommissionsCincinnati Recreation Commission
Voluntary OrganizationCircles of Recovery Conference
ArmyCircuit Routing Chart
ArmyCivil Response Corps
GovernmentCivil Rights Center
US GovernmentCivil Rights Commission
Normal BusinessClass Responsibilities and Collaboration
AthleticsClean Racers Club
Normal BusinessClient Relationship Center
EducationalClimate Research Center
PharmaceuticalClinical Research Centre
MedicalClinical Research Coordinator
ArmyClose Range Correction
GovernmentCOAG Reform Council
CommissionsCoastal Resources Commission
UncategorizedCode Renewable Check
CoilCold Rolled Coil
EducationalCollege Rugby Championship
AthleticsCollegiate Rugby Championship
PharmaceuticalColon Resection Center
OncologyColorectal Adenocarcinoma
Nuclear MedicineColorectal Cancer
MedicalColorectal Cancer Patients
MedicalColorectal carcinoma
PharmaceuticalColo-Rectal Carcinoma
MedicalColorectal Carninoma
PharmaceuticalCommission on Rehabilitation Counselor
Normal BusinessCommit Reconcile Consistency
InternationalCommittee on the Rights of Child
United NationsCommittee on the Rights of the Child
Information TechnologyCommon Recursive Classes
ArmyCommon Reference Code
EducationCommunity Relations Commission
MedicalCommunity Residential Care
EducationCommunity Resource Center
CommitteesCompliance Review Committee
Occupation & PositionsComponent Responsibility Collaborator
ComputingComputer Recycling Center
EducationalComputing Resource Center
PharmaceuticalConcentration-Response Curve
SocietyConflict Resolution Catalysts
EnvironmentalConservation Resource Centre
DecontaminationContamination Reduction Corridor
Companies or OrganizationsContinental Recording Company
ArmyContinental Replacement Center
ArmyContinental United States Replacement Center
PharmaceuticalContraction-Relaxation Cycle
NASA – SpaceContractor Recommended Code
MedicalContrast Recovery Coefficient
Armed ForcesControl and Reporting Center
ControlControl Reporting Centre
MedicalControlled Release Capsule
United NationsConvention for Rights of Children
GovernmentConvention of the Rights of the Child
United NationsConvention on the Rights of the Child
ArmyCOOP Response Cell
Companies or OrganizationsCooper Rubber Company
US GovernmentCooperative Research Centre
AircraftCoordinating Research Council
ForumCorporate Researchers Conference
UncategorizedCorrectional Reception Center
Occupation & PositionsCorrosion Reaction Consultants
AthleticsCortez Race Committee
NASA – SpaceCost Reduction Curve
BusinessCosta Rica Colon
CurrencyCosta Rican Colon
EducationalCosumnes River College
MedicalCreatinine Clearance
MortgageCredit Reporting Company
BankingCredit Risk Control
MilitaryCrisis Response Center
Normal BusinessCustomer Relations Center
HobbyCustoms, Rods, and Classics
EducationalCuug Resource Centre
TechnologyCyclic Redundancy Check
EngineeringCyclic Redundancy Checking
EngineeringCyclic Redundancy Code
UncategorizedCyclic Reundancy Check
UncategorizedCyclical Redundancy Checking
NASA – SpaceCyclical Redundancy Coding
FunnyCynical Redundancy Check
Airport CodeSanta Ana Airport
EnvironmentalSociety Recycling Centre
SocietySociety Resources Center
PlasticsThe Chemical Rubber Company