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CPC Full Form:

The CPC full form in digital marketing is Cost Per Click. The CPC refer to the advertiser paying each click on online audience click on digital ads. The value is evaluated by dividing the cost of the marketing campaign by the total number of audience clicks. In PPC Campaign, the advertiser can decrease the CPC cost by improving smart bidding strategies, quality of ads, and landing pages.

CPC Formula

 CPC = total_cost / number_of_clicks

In the PPC campaign, seeing the CTR percentage, we can determine the campaign is performing well or not. And save the CPC cost payment.

CPC In Law:

The CPC full form is Central Pay Commission. It’s constituted to reanalyze the principles and structure of stipends of all central government employees or workers including defence forces in India. CPC is a panel of members by the Union Cabinet of India set up to give its recommendations regarding changes in the salary payment structure of government workers. Its recommendations affect the association, rank structure, pay, allowances and pension of fortified forces personnel. The panel has a Chairman, a full-time clerk, other experts as members and a secretariat to work along with a budget and time frame.

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CPC Full Form Abbreviation:

CPC Full FormCategoryTerm
Cost Per ClickDigital Marketing CPC
Central Police CanteenCentral Police OrganisationCPC
Cheque Processing CentreBankingCPC
Continous Packet CompressionTelecommunicationCPC
Crosstalk Prevention CodingTelecommunicationCPC
Calling Party ControlTelecommunicationCPC
Computer Print ControlNetworkingCPC
Cartesian Perceptual Compression Compressed ImageFile TypeCPC
Cache Poisoning CheckerSoftwaresCPC
KANPUR CENTRAL G/SHIndian Railway StationCPC
Cetyl-pyridinium ChlorideChemistryCPC
Commands Per Clock CycleElectronicsCPC
Clogged Poop ChuteMessagingCPC
Cost Per CopyMessagingCPC
Customer Profit ContributionAccounts and FinanceCPC
Central Planning CenterSpace ScienceCPC
Characteristics Properties CodeSpace ScienceCPC
Computer Program ComponentSpace ScienceCPC
Church- Planting CoordinatorJob TitleCPC
Certified Personnel ConsultantJob TitleCPC
Certified Professional CoderJob TitleCPC
Certified Pastry CookJob TitleCPC
Certified Pension ConsultantJob TitleCPC
Certified Professional CoachJob TitleCPC
Constant Power CrossoverRadio ScienceCPC
San Martin Delos AndesAirport CodeCPC
Continued Professional CertificationCertificationsCPC
Certified Professional ConstructorCertificationsCPC
Certificate of Professional CompetenceCertificationsCPC
Certified Photographic ConsultantCertificationsCPC
Certified Professional ConsultantCertificationsCPC
Circuit Protective ConductorComputer HardwareCPC
College Preparatory ProgramEducational InstituteCPC
College Preparatory CenterEducational InstituteCPC
Charged Particle CannonPhysics RelatedCPC
Canadian Paralympic CommitteeSportsCPC
Control Processing CenterMilitary and DefenceCPC
Combat Psychiatric CasualtyMilitary and DefenceCPC