CMS Full Form – What is the Full Form of CMS and Best 3 CMS?

In this post, your research will come to end here because we provided complete information about the CMS full form and also different CMS comparisons, advantages, and disadvantages.

CMS Full Form: Content Management System.

CMS full form is a content management system. It is a type of computer software that is used to edit, create, modify content and publish content in the digital world.

What is CMS explain in detail?

A CMS full form is a ready-made application to create a website without any coding. It has both static and dynamic features and the most popular CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Earlier, CMS used to manage the computer document and file but now it develops to design the content in web pages and also for manage the content. It is also known as a tool that helps to create a website even if the person won’t know the coding. Content management system generally used for Enterprises Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM).

Importance of CMS Full Form:

It play important role in the website. Nowadays almost website depends on CMS because it made it simple to modify the website without any developer and problem. Earlier when website concepts were started that time if the person wants to modify and change the design of the website it is compulsory to hire a developer to make changes, so now no need for a specialized technical knowledge person in decent work.

CMS software manage the content and also website in all aspect.

How does a CMS work?

CMS helps us to make the website easy and effective. It manages the content, allowing multiple users to contribute, create, edit, publish without having to beg a developer.

It also provides the version management and authority workflow to keep large, global sites consistent.

 There are two important parts that helps to create the website.

  • Content management application: It allows marketers, merchandisers, and other content creators to work with the content of the website directly without needing to involve the developer.
  • Content delivery application: it is a back-end work of the website, manage the content that you enter into the templates and turning it into a working website, the visitor comes around the world can access easily.

What are the examples of CMS?


WordPress is just software that use to build your very own website or blog and publish it on the internet. It has become the most popular website publishing program in the world. It was created in 2003 then it has become popular. In fact, wordpress powers 30% of the internet and the best thing is, it is free why because wordpress is an open sources software.

The beauty of wordpress is that you are able to choose from 11 thousand different themes which just template layouts that determine the look and design of the website including fonts, font size, buttons, colors, videos, images, and much more. You can use different types of plugins to optimize the website for better usage and also endless opportunities.

How does wordpress work?

To make a website user has to know the coding but here in this wordpress no need for coding knowledge for making a website and never touching coding. It totally depends on the plugin and theme which you selected to optimize the website.

It is like a ready-made website but just you have optimized as you like using theme, plugins, and writing some content that’s it.

But to get the wordpress website you have to buy the domain and hosting so you can manage the website.

Self-hosted and using software: (Benefits)
  1. Access to thousands of plugins
  2. A unique domain name that you own
  3. Monetize the Ads with your website
  4. Option to create an online store
  5. Complete customization of your website.
Otherwise, you can use the domain for free but there is a lot of limitation to use.
  1. Your website could be deleted
  2. Can’t monetize with Ads
  3. Can’t upload plugins
  4. Can’t upload a customizable theme (limited option)
  5. You do not own your domain name. like: (yourdomainname)


Drupal also a free open source content management system written in the PHP programming language that will help us to build web applications and websites. Drupal is now powering more than 2.4 percent of the website on the internet. It is created in January 2001.

Drupal feature:

  1. Open sources: it is a free source. To download the drupal just go to the official website and download it.
  2. GNU: Drupal and all contributed files are hosted on are under the license of GNU.
  3. Content-type: Different types of content types easily can use in drupal.
  4. Themes: Different types of themes are available in drupal.
  5. Modules: it is the software you can change the functionality of the website and it has 16 thousand modules, can easily add to your website.
  6. Customization: Customization can do easily on this platform.

Advantages of Drupal:

  • Open-source
  • Multilingual (different languages support)
  • User Management
  • Complex websites
  • Choice of theme
  • Choice of modules
  • Customization
  • Support

Disadvantages of Drupal:

  • Confusing interface
  • Complexity
  • Backward compatibility
  • Outdated modulus


Even Joomla also an open-source use PHP in a MySQL database and according to W3 text 2.7 percent of the website uses Joomla on the internet. It is the second most popular CMS in the world. Joomla is powerful, flexible, and userfriendly. In Joomla, there are 6 thousand are available.

Joomla feature:

  • Multilingual
  • Well supported
  • Easy update
  • Integrated help system
  • Banner management
  • Media manager

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FAQs related to CMS Full Form:

How many types of CMS are there?

There are three types of CMS software:
1.      Open source
2.      Proprietary
3.      Software as a service

CMS full form in railway?

CMS full form in railway is crew Management System. It is a unique system in which accuracy and monitoring are automatically maintained.

CMS full form in finance?

CMS full form in finance is Cash Management Service ensures effective management of collections and payments output in improved cash flow and enhanced liquidity.

Which CMS should I use?

There are many types of CMS platforms are available on the internet. But now most common CMS platform is WordPress because it is simple to use. There are other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, etc, are also simple to use but number one is WordPress.

Conclusion of CMS Full Form:

I hope you guys have understood the CMS Full Form and also other concepts which I have shown on this topic.

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