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CCU Full Form:

The CCU full form in medical is Critical Care Unit. It is also known as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It is a special unit of the hospital for serious illness or diseases for care the patient or if the patient is in the critical situation then also doctor recommended to nurses take him/her to the ICU.

In the ICU department, doctors are available for 24 hours for any emergency situation. Some of the hospitals has divided the CCU into different units, which are listed below.

  • CICU or CVICU long form: cardiac, coronary, or cardiovascular intensive care unit
  • CCCU stands for: critical cardiac, coronary, or cardiovascular unit
  • ICCU long form: intensive cardiac, coronary, or cardiovascular care unit
  • CSRU full name: cardiac, coronary, or cardiovascular surgery recovery unit

For ICU, some of the hospitals include.

  • CICU or CVICU full form: cardiac, coronary, or cardiovascular intensive care unit
  • MICU full form: medical intensive care unit
  • NICU full form: neonatal intensive care unit
  • PICU full form: pediatric intensive care unit
  • SICU full form: surgical intensive care unit
  • TICU full form: trauma intensive care unit

These units are divided for patients purposes, patients or patients people can find out the specific treatment unit easily and fastly.

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CCU Abbreviation:

CCU Full FormCategoryTerm
Critical Care UnitMedicalCCU
Cardiac Care UnitHealthcareCCU
Computer Center UnixSoftwaresCCU
Carbon Capture and UtilisationChemistryCCU
Clueless Computer UserMessagingCCU
Camera Control UnitSpace ScienceCCU
Central Control UnitSpace ScienceCCU
Communications Carrier UnitSpace ScienceCCU
Crewman Communications UmbilicalSpace ScienceCCU
Kolkata (calcutta)Airport CodeCCU
Common Control UnitMilitary and DefenceCCU
Corrective Custody UnitMilitary and DefenceCCU
Cockpit Control UnitMilitary and DefenceCCU
Component Control UnitMilitary and DefenceCCU
Cargomaster Computer UnitMilitary and DefenceCCU