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CBT Full Form:

The CBT full form in medical is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that has come a crucial part of psychology. While it was first formulated as a treatment for depression, it’s now involved in the treatment of numerous different diseases.

CBT Exam Full Form

The CBT full form in computer is Computer Based Test (CBT) or Computer-Based Testing, is any assessment-related conditioning with the help of information technology. CBT has numerous advantages over traditional (paper-grounded) assessment and is widely used nowadays.

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Other CBT Abbreviation

TermCategoryCBT Full Form
CBTNYSE SymbolsCabot Corporation
CBTMilitaryCadet Basic Training
CBTMedicalCaffeine Breath Test
CBTEndocrine SystemCalculated Bioavailable Testosterone
CBTBiologyCancer Biology and Therapy
CBTPharmaceuticalCanine Behavior Therapy
CBTPharmaceuticalCarotid Body Tumor
CBTPolice ForceCase Building Team
CBTStock ExchangeCash Before Trade
CBTAirport CodeCatumbela Airport
CBTHaematologyCB Transplantation
CBTPharmaceuticalCenter for Biological Timing
CBTPharmaceuticalCenter for Biomolecular Therapeutics
CBTBusinessCentral Bidding Team
CBTCriminalCentral Breath Testing
CBTAcademic & ScienceCertified Broadcast Technologist
CBTInformation TechnologyChange Block Tracking
CBTFunnyCharlie Big Time
CBTCultivationCherry Blossom Tree
CBTFunnyChewed By Tyson
CBTUncategorizedChicago Board of Trade
CBTPharmaceuticalChildhood Brain Tumor
CBTPharmaceuticalChronic Biscuit Toxicity
CBTLocalChurch-Based Training
CBTUncategorizedCivilian Bike Training
CBTEducationalClean Ballast Tanks
CBTUncategorizedClosed Beta Test
CBTMedicalClosed Bottle Test
CBTPornCock & Balls Torture
CBTMusicCock and Ball Torture
CBTPharmaceuticalCode Blue Team
CBTPharmaceuticalCognitive Behavior Therapy
CBTLocal – CountriesCognitive Behaviour Therapy
CBTMedicalCognitive Bias Task
CBTPharmaceuticalCognitive Bias Test
CBTPharmaceuticalCognitive Blank Therapy
CBTMedicalCognitive-behavioural Therapy
CBTEducationalCollege Board Test
CBTArmyCombating Terrorism
CBTUncategorizedComet Ball Traitor
CBTUncategorizedComing Back Together
CBTBibleCommittee on Bible Translation
CBTArmyCommon Battery Terminal
CBTSafetyCompetency Based Training
CBTUncategorizedCompletely Brilliant Tango
CBTJuridicalCompulsory Basic Testing/UK
CBTArmyCompulsory Basic Training
CBTEducationalCompulsory Bike Training
CBTComputingComputer Based Technet
CBTInformation TechnologyComputer Based Technology
CBTComputingComputer Based Test
CBTEngineeringComputer Based Training
CBTComputingComputer Based Tutorial
CBTBankingComputer-Based Terminal
CBTEducationalComputer-Based Test
CBTAcademic & ScienceComputer-Based Testing
CBTEducationalComputer-Based Training
CBTInformation TechnologyComputer-Based Training file
CBTPolice ForceConspiracy Brain Trust
CBTUncategorizedConspiracy Bust Trust
CBTInformation TechnologyConstant Beamwidth Technology
CBTUncategorizedConsumed Bottom Time
CBTLocalContinuously Being Thankful
CBTPharmaceuticalCord Blood Transplant
CBTMedicalCord Blood Transplantation
CBTUncategorizedCore Based Trees
CBTPharmaceuticalCore Body Temperature
CBTInformation TechnologyCore-Based Tree
CBTTaxCorporation Business Tax
CBTEducationalCorrected Brake Torque
CBTNeurosurgeryCortical Bone Trajectory
CBTTransportationCounter Balance Truck
CBTJuridicalCriminal Breach of Trust
CBTAthleticsCubs’ Business Trade
CBTNormal BusinessCustomer Based Training
CBTEducationalCyclic Butylene Terephthalate
CBTUncategorizedCynical Bitter And Twisted
CBTBankingSociety Bank and Trust
CBTSocietySociety Based Tourism