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CBSE full form:

in this post, you will get the full form of CBSE and also complete detail about the CBSE. This is necessary to those people who are trying to take the admission and interested to know the CBSE syllabus, pattern and more about CBSE.

CBSE: Central board of secondary education

It is the national level secondary board of examination in India for all students of different categories of religion. The headquarter of CBS present in New Delhi. it is one of the leading exams in India. The syllabus of CBSE is good to compare to another secondary board exam.


The CBSE was establish on 3 November 1962. Most of these school approved from the central Government of India.

The first CBSE exam board was conducted in the Uttar Pradesh in India in 1921 for high school and intermedia colleges.

The chairman of CBSE is IAS Manoj Ahuja. Official language is Hindi and English.

The official website is http://cbse.nic.in.


This exam is for the 10th and 12th classes for going to the higher class. The earlier board conducted the AIEEE exam to take the higher studies in engineering and architecture, for getting free admission in engineering and architecture candidates to have to pass the entrance exam.

For 10th class student has to get 33% to passed the exam in overall subject.

For the 12th class, the student has to get 33% to pass in both theory and practical subjects (if applicable). If the student fails in one subject, he/she can write the exam in July month. If a student fails in two subjects, he/she has to write an exam in the next year.

Advantages of CBSE.

  • Compare CBSE with other board the CBSE, the curriculum is good and lighter.
  • The value of CBSE is high compare to others.
  • Most of the Subjects are done in a practical way, so that subject can remember for a long time. Some of the other boards do the same as CBSE.

What is the full form of ICSE and CBSE?

The full form of ICSE in the India Certificate of secondary education and the full form of CBSE is the central board of secondary education.

Who is the chairman of CBSE?

The chairman of CBSE is IAS Manoj Ahuja.

CBSE is a tough exam in India?

Yes, CBSE is tough exam compare to other exams in India.

Conclusion of CBSE full form.

We hope you guys understand the full form of CBSE and other concepts of CBSE, if this information is helpful to you then let us know in the comment section.

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