CCTV Full Form

What is the CCTV Full Form in English? | Important 5 Components

CCTV FULL FORM: The CCTV full form is Closed Circuit Television. It is also known as video surveillance. CCTV is an operating system connected with several devices like display screen, video camera, recording device, etc are connected to each other. CCTV is an operator at a sensitive area that needs continuous observation all the time. It is […]

CEO Full Form

What is the CEO Full Form in English?

In this post, you can see the full form of CEO, the top 10 famous CEO of the world, the top highest earning company in the world. Common Responsibilities of CEO in the company, what is the qualification to become CEO. CEO full form: The full form of CEO is Chief Executive Officer, CEO post is a […]


UPS Full Form | Uninterruptible Power Supply – 2 Famous Type

UPS FULL FORM: In this post, we are going to learn about UPS full form in computer and complete information like What is the UPS full form and USB, What is the use of UPS, What is a full form of WiFi, What is the main function of a UPS, Why do we need UPS and more […]

ATM Full Form

What is ATM Full Form in English? –

Everyone knows the how to use the ATM machine about they don’t know the full form of ATM and this post helpful to them, in this, we have covered the ATM full form, the definition of ATM machine, types of ATM machine, history of ATM, parts of ATM machine, FAQs and conclusion. ATM full form  The ATM […]


What is URL full form in English?| URL meaning

 URL full form is Uniform Resource Locator. The complete address of the website is called URL or web address. It is always unique for a web page. Whatever gets results in the Google search engine, they have a unique URL of the website, they identify the website and brand with the same URL. Each URL has three […]


WIFI Full Form | What does WiFi mean | Why is it called WiFi

Full Form of WIFI: In this post, we are going to learn about the WIFI full form and complete details about it like What does WiFi mean, Why is it called WiFi, wifi full form meaning, and more. WIFI Full Form: WIFI full form is wireless fidelity, WIFI is a wireless network technology that can connect computers, […]