CMS Full Form – What is the Full Form of CMS and Best 3 CMS?

In this post we will see cms full form and your research will come to end here because we provided complete information about the CMS full form in computer and also different CMS comparisons, advantages, and disadvantages. CMS full form in different terms like medical, finance, computer and more. CMS Full Form: Content Management System. […]

CPU Full Form

CPU Full Form in English | 3 Types of Best CPU

CPU FULL FORM: Central Processing Unit. CPU full form is the Central Processing Unit. The other name of the CPU is the brain of the computer. The CPU carried out the instructions and performs all basic algorithm and logical operations which passes by the user.  Generally, the CPU word refers to the terms called control […]

PDA Full Form

PDA Full Form in English| Top 6 Features of PDA

The PDA full form is a Personal Digital Assistant. It is a mobile device without a keyword. But with the help of a pen-like style do the typing on the PDA.  PDA is also known as a palmtop. It has a feature like notes, graphs, connect to the internet. Handholds computer.  Features of PDA: A […]

LED Full Form

LED Full Form in English | Top 10 Advantages of LED

In this post we are going to learn about the LED full form and complete information like What is the full name of LCD and LED, What is the full form of CFL and LCD, What is the English meaning of LED, Advantages and Disadvantages of LED, History of LED and more. LED FULL FORM: […]

SIM Full Form

SIM Full Form in English | 3 Types of SIM –

In this post, you guys come to know the SIM Full Form and also the other concept related to SIM like What is the full form of SIM, Who is the founder of SIM, Which is the first SIM card in world, sim card meaning, and more. We hope this information is helpful for you […]

Google Full Form

What is the Google Full Form in English –

In this post, you will get the full form of google and other concepts that are related to google. This post information to you guys. Google full form. Google full form is the Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. The google word is taken from the word googol which means a huge number. […]