DP Full Form in English | TOP 5 Social Media Platform

 DP Full Form: Display Picture  The DP full form is Display Picture. It represents the Photo on social media or other, which is generally used for uploading a photo on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Generally, the display picture represents the photo of the user on social media, websites, or chat internet […]


TRP Full Form in English – viewfullform.com

TRP FULL FORM TRP’s full form is Television Rating Point. A television rating point is a tool that indicates the popularity of the programs on television channels. TRP is used as a judge in which television programs are viewed most by the public. Which television program has higher TRP, it indicates that this television program […]


What is PNR FULL FORM in English? | Easy PNR Status

PNR Full Form: Passenger Name Record PNR full form is Passenger Name Record. It records all the information about the journey of the person in the Database of Computer Reservation System (CRS). It used in airlines and railway systems for the safety of the passenger. The first PNR status was introduced by the airline to […]


What is the NGO Full Form in English? | Top 10 NGO

In this post you will get the NGO full form and complete details about the NGOs like Indian most popular NGOs, international NGOs, how do NGOs work, and more about NGOs. NGO FULL FORM: NGO full form is a Non-government organization. It is an organization that neither a part of a government nor a profitable […]