WHO Full Form

WHO Full Form and 6 Core Function of WHO – viewfullform

Your research will end here. We are provided complete information about the WHO Full Form and also its organization detail. At the end of the article, you will know complete information about the World Health Organization.  WHO FULL FORM: WHO full form is World Health Organization. It is an non-governmental organization that deals with world […]


India Full Form in English | TOP 5 Millionaires

In this post, we are going to know about India that is the second-largest populated country in the world. First of all, we are going to study the India Full Form and some interesting things about India. Let start The Indian word takes from the word Hindu, this word is related to the Sanskrit word. […]


CCC Full Form | How to Calculate the CCC in Easy way?

In this we are going to study about CCC full form and also other things related to CCC. Welcome to the view full form. The CCC full form is the Cash Conversion Cycle. Our word of the day is the cash conversion cycle. The Cash Conversion Cycle is the theoretical amount of time between a […]


AMC Full Form in English | AMC Long Form in Top 7 Fields

AMC FULL FORM: In this post, you will get AMC Full Form in the different fields and other concepts related to AMC. Like AMC in the banking field, AMC in trading (mutual funds), AMC in medicines, AMC in the college, AMC in the agriculture field, and AMC full form in abbreviation, annual maintenance contract meaning […]


NRI Full Form in English | Top 7 countries has More NRI

The NRI full form is Non-Resident Indian. NRI is a person who is an Indian citizen but migrates due to some reason like work, education, residence or any other reason. The Indian staff of UNO deputed abroad by state or central government is treated as NRI. A person who stay more than 182 days away […]

GPRS Full Form

GPRS Full Form in English | What is the Easy way to Understand?

 GPRS FULL FORM: General Packet Radio Service  The GPRS Full Form is General Packet Radio Service. General Packet Radio Service is a packet-oriented wireless data communication service for people on mobile phones on 2G and 3G communication systems.  It is a new type of packet switching technology for non-voice and high-speed. GPRS is based on […]