DC Full Form

DC Full Form | Top 5 Famous Full Form and Details In English

DC FULL FORM: In this post, we going to learn about the dc stands for and also other concepts related to the full form of dc like Dc comics full form, Washington dc full form, Dc full form in physics and cricket. Let start. DC Full Form in Physics: DC stands for physics is Direct […]


CC Full Form: Cubic Centimeter, Carbon Copy, Credit Card,

In this post, we will be going to learn about the different CC full form in detail. There are many full form of cc are available but we will see the most famous and commonly used in our daily life.  CC Full Form: Cubic Centimeter. CC or Cubic centimetres are wont to indicate the capacity […]


CNG Full Form | Compressed Natural Gas | Viewfullform

CNG FULL FORM: In this post, we will learn about CNG full form and more details like What is CNG and LPG, What is PNG and CNG, What is the use of CNG gas, What is difference CNG and LPG and more about it. Let Start. CNG Full Form: Compressed Natural Gas: The CNG full […]


TCS Full Form in English | 2 Famous TCS Full Form Easy Way

TCS Full Form in Income Tax Department: TCS Full Form in income tax department is Tax Collection at Source. In India, there are goods that are excluded from the GST, and when these goods are brought and sold then the seller has the right to collect some tax from the buyer (according to Income Tax […]


CFI Full Form in English | 4 Top Different Categories

Introduction of CFI full form: In this page, we will be going to learn about CFI full form in different categories like computer and networks, finance, government, flight, text, medical, and more. Let start. CFI full form in computer and networks: CFI Full Form in computer and networks is Calling Feature Indicator. It is a […]


HR Full Form in English | Important detail in 1 article

Hello, we are going to study the HR Full Form and also complete detail about the HR like human resource management, functions of human resource, nature of human resource management, the scope of human resource management, the objective of HR, benefits of HR, why HR is important in the organization, and more. Let start. HR […]