What is the LLB Full Form in English? | LLB Career

In this post, you will get the information about the LLB full form, career option after the LLB course, studies after LLB, which degree is required to become a lawyer, and complete details about LLB. LLB Full Form: LLB is a Legum Baccalaureus in Latin (commonly known as Bachelor of laws). LLB is an undergraduate […]


What is ICSE Full Form in English? – viewfullform.com

In this, you will find ICSE full form, syllabus of ICSE, comparison between CBSE and ICSE, which is better, student freedom to select the subject which they like, Can ICSE students crack NEET, Which is better CBSE or ICSE board, Is ICSE international board, Is ICSE international board, How is ICSE marks calculated, and more […]


What is the PWD full form in English? | 4 Best Types of PWD

PWD FULL FORM: The PWD full form is the public works department which is generally made for public development.  This department comes under the government of India. Which deals with the public development of infrastructures like bridges, government buildings, roads, and more. It is central authority that is responsible for public development in India. To […]