Hydrogen Sulfate or HSO4

Hydrogen Sulfate | HSO4– | Chemical and Physical Properties.

What is Hydrogen Sulfate or HSO4–? Hydrogen Sulfate is an anion with the formula. It forms sulphuric acid when exposed to water. It has very small hydrogen sulfate ion. Sodium Bisulfate is that the pure substance NaHS04 that melts at 185°C and begins to lose water with an honest deal of spattering. It consists of one sulfur atom within the centre surrounded by four oxygen […]

Hydrosulfuric Acid Formula

Hydrosulfuric Acid Formula – Chemical Formula and Properties

Hydrosulfuric Acid Formula: In this article, we are going to learn about the hydrosulfuric acid formula, hydrosulfuric acid chemical formula, properties of hydrosulfuric acid, and more information about Hydrosulfuric acid. Hydrosulfuric Acid Formula is H2S: Hydrosulfuric acid is also known as Hydrogen Sulfide or Sulfane. It exists in nature in the form of a colourless gas and […]

CCL4 Polar or Nonpolar

CCL4 Polar or Nonpolar | Carbon Tetrachloride is Polar or Nonpolar

CCL4 Polar or Nonpolar: CCL4 polar or nonpolar. The CCL4 is nonpolar because is all the bonds are symmetrical and extended in all the direction. It is easy for the dipole moment in each direction to cancel out or the vector sum of all dipole moments is equal to zero. The name of the CCL4 is Carbon […]