BSC Full Form | Bachelor of Science


BSC Full Form: Bachelor of Science 

The full form of BSC is a Bachelor of Science. BSC is an undergraduate course degree of three years in the field of science and technology. It is a popular degree course.

It is a popular and favorite course for those who are interested in science and technology. Generally, candidates take this course after passed the 12th class. 

Every country has a different duration of course. In India, the duration is three years. In Argentina, the course duration is five years.

This degree has multiple choice for students for selecting the subjects. Student can complete their degree course in many subjects like Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology, Information Technology, Physic, Chemistry, Nursing, Social Science, Agriculture, Biotechnology, and many more. 


The University of London is the first university for admitted a candidate to the Bachelor of Science degree course.

Bachelor of Science is of two types: first is B.Sc Honours and the second is B.Sc General. Both the degrees are the same undergraduate level. B.Sc Honour is a study in advance theoretical and practical skills at a particular specific subject. B.Sc Honour is a full-time course and B.Sc is full time and part-time.


If you want to get admission to the B.Sc course, you have to pass the 12th class from the board with subjects like math, physics, biology, and chemistry. Then you can take the degree according to your interesting subjects.

Career after B.Sc degree. 

After the successful completion of the B.Sc course, you can take the admission in the postgraduate course like M.Sc and Master of Business Administration.

If the candidate wanted to join a job, the candidate can join in different jobs in the government and private sector. 


  • Chemist 
  • Teacher
  • Consultant 
  • Lecturer 
  • Enumerator 
  • Researcher 
  • Scientist 

Employees Areas: 

  • Educational Institutes 
  • Research Organizations
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Forest Service
  • Oil industry 
  • Hospital 


Is the B.Sc course is easy?

It depends on the candidate if the candidate is not interested in math, physic, and chemistry. It will become difficult and hard for that candidate. it also depends on the basics of the subject if the candidate doesn’t know the basics of the subject, the candidate gets difficult to understand the subject and it looks hard to them.

What is the duration of a B.Sc degree?

The duration of the B.Sc is three years to complete successfully.

Is it important to have a 12th class certificate?

Yes, it is necessary to pass the 12th class to get admission in the undergraduate studies to the candidate.

Conclusion BSC Full Form:

We hope you guys understood the full form of B.Sc and other concepts related to B.Sc.

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