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BPL Full Form:

The BPL full form is “Below Poverty Line”. The Below Poverty Line is used by the government to indicate the number of government aid and assistant required to the individuals and families. The Below poverty line indicates the income threshold. The people whose income is below a certain limit, that considers as a poor family or below the poverty line. There are some methods to find the below the poverty line. The threshold can be determined using various parameters according to the state. These parameters may change from state to state and within the state.

The present BPL calculation is based on a survey conducted in 2002. The present government has not conducted for a decade. The central government was undecided to identify the family of BPL. India is the second-largest population state so it is very difficult to identify the poverty line. There are some international parameters such as an income below 150 rupees per person of purchasing power parity is consider as extreme poverty.

According to the estimation of experts, nearly 12.4% of Indians are extremely poor. Another parameter is income-based poverty lines determine the minimum income that meets the basic needs like food, clothes etc. The other essential things are not considered such as medical care and education. The central government of Indian launched various schemes for the BPL family to meet the daily essential things like food, housing, and clothes.

According to the research 2011-12, approximately 30% of the Indian population are living in poverty. The families who have a BPL card (Ration card) are receiving food grain approximately 20 to 30kg food grain per month.

Some of the parameters of the BPL:

  • Type of house
  • Status of children
  • Consumer durables
  • Food security
  • Clothing
  • Literacy status
  • Landholding
  • Sanitation etc.

Another term that is opposite to the below poverty line is above the poverty line.

The full form of APL is “ Above Poverty Line “. It’s a measure in India of people living above the nationally designated poverty line. India divides the poverty line into civic and pastoral areas. People in civic areas must reach advanced yearly minimal income situations to be considered above the poverty line. The World Bank uses a stricter poverty line than the Indian government. Above Poverty Line (APL) Portion cards are those, that were issued to families living above the poverty line (as estimated by the Planning Commission). These families entered 15 kg of food grains (depending on vacuity).

BPL: British Physical Laboratories Group:

Another BPL full form is the British Physical Laboratories Group. It is an Indian manufacturing electronic company that make digital and electronic products such as display devices, Bharat energy ventures and BPL securities. The headquarter is present in Bangalore, India. This manufacturing company have distribution comprises over 7000 channel partners. As of 2016, the chairman and managing director of BPL is Ajit G Nambiar.

List of products of BPL:

  • Landline Phones
  • Home Theatre
  • Televisions
  • Medical equipment
  • Energy communications equipment
  • home lighting, home UPS, gag tables, cooking hubs etc.
  • Enterprise communication products such as digital switches, EPABX systems, DKX series of telephone systems etc

Other BPL Full Form:

BPL full formsCategory
Back Plate LatchMilitary
Bad Power LinesGeneral
Bangladesh Premier LeagueCricket
Bangladesh Premier LeagueFootball
Bangor Public LibraryLibraries
Bank Pool LoanBanking
Barclays Premier LeagueFootball
Base Patch LevelGeneral
Basic Priority ListGeneral
Bauhinia Purpurea LectinGeneral
Behavior Pattern LearningEducational
Bharat Petroleum LtdCompanies & Firms
Bhopal JunctionIRCTC Station Codes
Big Power LieGeneral
Bio Products LaboratoryCompanies & Corporations
Bio Pollution LevelBiology
Birmingham Public LibraryBuildings & Landmarks
Bole Alashankou AirportAirport Codes
Bone Phosphate of LimeChemistry
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Boston Public LibraryLibraries
Brass Pounders LeagueGeneral
Brisbane Premier LeagueFootball
British Physical LaboratoryLaboratory
Broadband over Power LineCommunication
Brooklyn Public LibraryLibraries
Buckeye Partners, L. P.NYSE Symbols
Burnaby Public LibraryBuildings & Landmarks
BPL Full Formcategory

Conclusion of BPL Full Form:

The BPL full form is Below Poverty Line. There is a certain limit of parameters, based on that the below poverty line is calculated and parameters are mention above.

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