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BHP Full Form:

The BHP full form in car is Brake Horse Power. Brake Horsepower (BHP) is a measure of a motor’s power without any power losses under ideal conditions. It’s the measure of a motor’s horsepower before the loss in power caused by the gearbox, alternator, discriminational, water pump, and other auxiliary factors.

In substance, HP, BHP, PS, CV and kW all refer to the quantum of power that a motor produces. Or, in less specialized terms, how important work it can do. As a rule of thumb, the advanced the power, the briskly an auto can eventually go.

Power also affects acceleration. Again, as a rule of thumb, the advanced the power, the hastily an auto will gain speed

. Power is actually a made-up measurement. Steam motor pioneer James Watt wanted to compare the effectiveness of his machines against the steed that preliminarily did their work. Watt defined one horsepower as the fellow of the energy expended by a single steed lifting pounds one bottom in the air from the face of the Earth in one minute.

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TermCategoryBHP Full Form
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BHPMedicalBenign Prostatic Hyperplasia
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BHPMiningBroken Hill Proprietary
BHPNYSE SymbolsBroken Hill Proprietary, LTD.
BHPCompanies or OrganizationsBroken Hill Pty
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BHPPowerBrowning Hi-Power
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BHPMedicalBureau of Health Promotion
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