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AVP full form:

The AVP full form is Assistant Vice President. The assistant vice president is one rung below the vice president in the financial service industry. The responsibility of assistant vice presidents depends on based on the industry field, some of the works such as screening new management hires, department promotions and analysing the performance of the department and more.

In finance, most large enterprises expect an assistant vice chairman to have earned an MBA in finance and have five years or further of hands-on work experience. A bachelor’s degree in any field may be respectable for getting in on the ground bottom, so long as you are set to work your way up for the coming several times. Keep in mind that experience is generally more important than the exact nature of your education, especially within smaller associations.

In educational settings, assistant vice presidents may be anticipated to have anEd.D. orPh.D. hanging on the compass of responsibilities. Like their counterparts in finance, they are anticipated to have five or more times of experience.

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AVP Abbreviation:

AVP Full FormCategory
Association of Volleyball ProfessionalsSports
Alien Versus PredatorScience Fiction
Anti-virus ProgramElectronics
Administrative Vice PresidentToastmaster
Alternatives to Violence ProjectCommunity
Advanced Vertical ProcessorElectronics
Aliens vs PredatorOther
Another Vuckedup PictureFunny
Anti Virus ProtectionComputer Software
Alternate Vice PresidentBusiness Position
All Vegetation ProcessorFood
Anti Virus ProgramElectronics
Avon Products, Inc.NYSE Symbol
Alien vs PredatorOther
Associated Video ProducersBusiness Firm
AUTOVON precedenceGovernment
Artistic Video ProductionsBusiness Firm
Anti-Violence ProjectCommunity
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, Wilkes- Barre Scranton, Pennsylvania USARegional Airport Code
small seaplane tenderGovernment
Authorized Vendor Program, 4Government
ABHANPUR JNIndian Railway Station
Aliens Versus PredatorMedia
Assistant Vice PresidentJob Title
Amateur Video ProductionsBusiness Firm
Attribue Value PairDatabase Management
Arginine VasoPressinLaboratory
Scranton (pa)