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In this post, you will get AMC Full Form in the different fields and other concepts related to AMC. Like AMC in the banking field, AMC in trading (mutual funds), AMC in medicines, AMC in the college, AMC in the agriculture field, and AMC full form in abbreviation, annual maintenance contract meaning and more.

AMC FULL FORM in Banking:

The AMC Full Form is an Annual Maintenance Contract. The annual maintenance contract is also known as Annual Maintenance Charges. It is offered by the manufacturing companies after-sales. The Annual maintenance charge of each bank account is different, it depends on what type of ATM card you are using.

AMC is the term related to the supplier and buyer. The manufacturing companies provide the maintenance service to the buyers to a valuable product to maintain the reputation of the company. This maintenance service of the product may be free and charges depending on the product taken by the customer up to a certain period of time. 

For example: When you buy a car from manufacturers, there is a contract deal between the supplier and buyer person. On that agreement paper, the annual service detail is provided to the owner, so that the owner of the car has to come to the service centre consultants for service sometimes they charge cost according to the service. These types of contracts are signed at a period of time between the parties and repairs the customers products.

These types of services are available on such products as computers, motorcycle, refrigerators, electronical devices and machine, high cable, expensive material, etc.

Benefits of AMC:

The customer gets satisfaction with the product because the product has maintenance, regular checkup, the performance of the product increases, etc. 


The AMC Full Form in trading is the Asset Management Company. The market governs by SEBI. Just like RBI and investing companies govern in Banking and IRDA govern in insurance.

The main structure of Mutual funds is given by SEBI. As per the regulations of SEBI. The mutual funds have three tiers structure.

  1. Sponsor
  2. Trustees 
  3. AMC
  1. Sponsor: The sponsor is a promoter of mutual funds. The sponsor of the mutual fund brings in capital and creates a mutual fund trust and set up the AMC. 

The sponsor required to have 5 years of the experience track record of the sponsor in the financial services business and out of the five-year experience the sponsor should also have the three years of growth in a positive direction(profit) in the same field.

 Who is the sponsor? Ans: Sponsor could be a bank, a corporate, or a financial institute. 

2.Trustees: The sponsor appoints trustees for that the trustees have to take approval from the SEBI.

What is the work of the Trustee? Ans: the primary objective of the trustees of the mutual fund is to hold its property for the benefits of the unit-holders.

The boards of the trustee act as a protector of unit-holders interests. It appoints a custodian for the safekeeping of assets of the customer and closely monitors the assets management company.

3. AMC:

AMC is the face of mutual funds. An AMC is a company that manages a mutual fund to grow the business in a positive direction. The AMC hires professional money managers to maintain the structure of the company, which buys and sells securities in line with the funds to get benefits to the investor.

So, AMC take and collects money from the public (investor) and makes it as a pool of funds.

  1. AMC should have a net worth of more than 10 crores required in the field(present 50 crores).
  2. AMC has to submit the report to the trustees quarterly and also SEBI to maintain the structure of the company.

Registrar and transfer agent:

A company tracks the daily purchase and sale of mutual fund units.

How AMC make money?

They make money by taking a commission or fee depending on the size of the fund that they are managing. 


The AMC full form in medical is Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital. It refers to the development of multi-joint contracture affecting two or more areas of the body before birth.  

In AMC, the range of movement of the joints within the arms and legs is typically limited or fixed. Joints affected in AMC may include the shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers and also the hips, knees, ankles, and feet

Causes of Arthrogryposis:

There is no single cause of arthrogryposis. One main and important known factor in causing arthrogryposis is “fetal akinesia”. Which decreases the fetal in the utero. 

Treatment of Arthrogryposis:

There is no absolute cure or solution for this condition of arthrogryposis. Improve health in the physical therapy that includes stretching, casting, strengthening, mobility training, improve range of motion.


The AMC stands for the AMC group of the institute. The AMC group of the institute is an educational institution that presents in Bangalore, India. This college comes under the top colleges of engineering. 

established 1999
Also known as AMCEC
location Bangalore, India.
Popular courses B.E/B Tech, M.E/M Tech
ownership Private
Total courses 21 courses in 3 streams

Fee structure of AMC college:

Fee structure is depending on the courses of the student.

courses Average fee (total) Duration (Years) No. of courses (Seats) Average rank required
B.E/B.Tech 4.58L-7.58L 3-4 12 (1320) 251-300 NIRF
MCA 1.1 L – 4.61 L 2-3 2 (240)   –
MBA/PGDM  4.26 L 2 1 (120)   –
M.E/M.Tech  2.36 L – 2.8 L 2 8 (169)   –


The AMC full form in the army field is Army Medical Crops. Army Medical Crops specialist crops provide medical service to all army forces, serving, veterans, and their families.

Indian medical service of the army formed after the formation of East India Company. Indian medical crops were formed on 1 June 1920.

Initially started as a compounder position and dresser position in the three presidencies medical service and then they become sub surgeons and later on Indian medical assistant. 


The AMC Full Form in the agriculture field is Agriculture Mortgage corporate. It was found in 1928 under the Agriculture Credits Acts. Agriculture Mortgage corporate provide long term mortgage to the landowner and to redevelop the farming and rural-based business on the field. 

History of AMC in agriculture:

During the first world war, there was a shortage of food during the world war condition and farming field because few people have their land at that time for forming. There was depend on food and AMC started creating the farming field. AMC create a new generation former on their lands.

List of AMC in other terms:

  • Absolute minimum charge or AMC is the minimum taken charge after all pricing terms have been applied to the shipping order.
  • Andhra Medical College present in Andhra Pradesh India.
  • Agartala Municipal Corporation is the municipal body that governs and maintains the city of Agarta present in Tripura India.
  • Advance Mountaineering Course. It is one type of advanced course.
  • Adaptive Modulation and Coding, in wireless communications.
  • Australian Magnesium Corporation.
  • Alternative Molding Concepts.
  • Account Maintenance Charge (renamed from annual maintenance charge) is that they charge you pay to take care of your DEMAT account with Zerodha. 
  • Asset Management Companies.

AMC Long Form in Abbreviation:

Full Form  Categories
Air Mobility Command Government & transportation
Army Materiel Command Government & military
Asset Management Company Business
Albany Medical College Science & college
American Multi Cinema News & media
American Movie Classics Community & film
Airborne Molecular Contamination Business
American Motors Corporation Business & company
Advanced Mezzanine Card Computing & hardware
Appalachian Mountain Club Sport
American Music Center Business & company
Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Medical
Asian Migrant Centre Committee
Australian Medical Council Medical
America Multi National basic cable television Channel USA

Conclusion of AMC Long Form:

We hope you guys understand the AMC full form and other concepts related to the AMC. If this information looks informative then let us know in the comment section.

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