ABS Full Form

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ABS Full Form

Full Form of ABS is Anti-lock Braking System. It’s a safety system supplied in motorcars. It prevents the wheels from locking up and diving when breaks are applied during an emergency stop. This system allows the wheel tyres to maintain contact with the road. When you encounter an unforeseen inhibition and apply breaks the wheel don’t cinch up and auto moves in the direction of the bus as turned by the driver so that it doesn’t crash into the inhibition.

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Other ABS meaning;

ABSAnti Lock Braking SystemBritish Medicine
ABSAmerican Bladesmith SocietyOther
ABSAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneBusiness Product
ABSAutomated Beam SteeringMilitary and Defence
ABSAssociate In Business ScienceEducational Degree
ABSAnything But SoapsTexting
ABSair base survivabilityGovernment
ABSAnti Bolt StickSports
ABSAudible Brake SystemFunny
ABSAntilock Braking SystemElectronics
ABSAccounting and Billing SystemAccounts and Finance
ABSAbu SimbelAirport Code
ABSAction Battle SystemMilitary and Defence
ABSAutomated Briefing SystemMilitary and Defence
ABSAutomatic Blip ScanElectronics
ABSAssociate In Business StudiesEducational Degree
ABSArmy Broadcasting ServiceGovernment
ABSAir Base SimulatorMilitary and Defence
ABSAnti Burst SystemMilitary and Defence
ABSAbu Simbel airportRegional Airport Code
ABSAsset-backed SecurityStock Exchange
ABSAlternative Business StructureAccounts and Finance
ABSAtlantic Base SectionMilitary and Defence
ABSAfter Body SectionSpace Science
ABSActive Battle SystemSports
ABSAssociation pour le Bien-etre SocialOrganization
ABSAble Bodied SeamanMilitary and Defence
ABSAccelerated Bachelor of ScienceEducational Degree
ABSArch Build SystemOther
ABSAmerican Board of SurgeryHospital
ABSAnglo-Brazilian SocietyOrganization
ABSAsset- Backed SecurityBusiness
absAudited Balance SheetBanking
ABSAmerican Bible SocietyNon-Profit Organization
ABSAmerican Bureau of ShippingTransportation
ABSAlbertson’s, Inc.NYSE Symbol
ABSAssociate In Baccalaureate StudiesEducational Degree
ABSAutomatic Backup SystemComputer Hardware
ABSAir Breathing SystemSpace Science
ABSAir Base SupplySpace Science
ABSAir Base SecurityMilitary and Defence
ABSAsset Backed SecuritiesStock Exchange
ABSAutomated Bond SystemStock Exchange
ABSAntenna Base SpringMilitary and Defence
ABSAmerican Begonia SocietyBotany
ABSair base squadronGovernment
ABSAdvanced Battle SimulationMilitary and Defence
ABSAnti-lock Braking SystemMilitary
ABSABOHARIndian Railway Station
ABSAlkyl BenzenesulfonateChemistry
ABSAsha Bikash SocietyOrganization
ABSarterial blood samplingBritish Medicine
ABSAnti Burn ShieldSpace Science
ABSAbstracts (info File)File Type
ABSAlbino BlackSheepInternet Slang
ABSautomated bid setGovernment
ABSaddress book synchronizationGovernment
ABSAnother Buyer SurchargeFunny
ABSAirport Base StationComputer Hardware
ABSAntilock Brake SystemUniversity
ABSAbscissa Data FileFile Type
ABSAutomatic Brightness StabilizationElectronics
ABSAssociation for Baha’I StudiesOrganization
ABSActive Bitter SupplementFunny
ABSAmerican Bidding for Street namesFunny
ABSAustralian Bureau of StatisticsGovernment
ABSAnti Blockier SystemBusiness Product